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Tired of the boring treadmill?

Get out of your treadmill slump!!

Start mixing up your boring treadmill routine with intervals and circuits. Not only will this make your workout a little more exciting, but the time will fly by, you will find yourself burning extra calories, fat and boosting your metabolism.

Keep Calm and Run On

25 Minute Treadmill Fat Blaster

Warm up – 4.0 walk – 3 min

Jog – 6.0 – 2 min

Run – 7.0 – 2 min

Jog – 6.0 – 2 min

SPRINT – 8.0 – 1 min

Jog – 6.0 – 2 min

SPRINT – 8.0 – 1 min

Jog – 6.0 – 2 min

SPRINT – 8.0 – 1 min

Jog – 6.0 – 2 min

Run – 7.0 – 2 min

Jog – 6.0 – 2 min

Cool Down – Walk – 4.0 – 3 min

 Don’t forget to stretch!!!

Quad Stretch

Lower Belly Fat Blasting!

Have you heard of being “skinny fat?”

So many women with thin bodies have a larger than normal body fat percentage which can be super dangerous! Lack of exercise and too few calories will get you “skinny fat” NOT healthy.

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 12.36.30 PM

Toning up your tummy takes more than just doing planks, crunches, twisties and knee ups! Of course, these all help to strengthen your muscles, but if you are struggling with getting rid of a lower belly bump the way to tummy toning success is blasting that fat away with a mixture of cardio and resistance exercises.

First you have to burn off the stubborn fat with cardio training and then reveal your gorgeous muscle lines with toning exercises!

Friday Cardio

Hi Ladies! Who fit in their Friday cardio to kick start the weekend?

Try to get in an hour today and keep sweating for your wedding!! If possible, try to avoid the monotonous treadmill and make it fun! Head outside for a hike with your bridesmaids, a bike ride, swim or try something new like a kickboxing class.

me and loWhen you feel good about yourself, everything changes! Cardio exercise reduces your stress levels and boosts your energy.

Get moving!!!



Make It Count Monday!

Hi Brides!

Let’s start the week off right with an hour of your choice of cardio exercise!

Whether that be walking, running, biking, nordic skiing, swimming, group exercise, etc. just  get in a full hour and make it count! This is a great way to kick start the week and get you ready for our Total Body Tuesday workout!!


Benefits of Cardio Exercise Include:

Decrease in risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Lowers cholesterol

Improves sleep quality

Increases muscular endurance

Increases Energy

Reduces Stress