Are you a bride? Bridesmaid? Or attending a wedding this year?

Weddings are a great place to catch up with friends, spend time with family or meet that special someone. Whether you are the bride to be, a bridesmaid or a guest, a wedding a is an event where you want to dress to impress and look your absolute best.

Whether the wedding is 3 months away or not until the end of the year, the sooner you start eating right, working out and taking care of yourself, the better you will look and feel.

Basic Wedding Etiquette

1.) Unless you’re the bride, DO NOT wear white.

Although many traditions are being thrown out the window with modern weddings, this is not one of them.

2.) Dress to impress, NOT to compete.

It’s important to dress how the invitation suggests. No skimpy clothing. There are plenty of elegant, classic styles to show off your new beach-ready bod!

3.) RSVP in a timely manner.

If you’re going, let them know so they can plan accordingly. If not, kindly decline and send a thoughtful gift.

4.) Be on time!!

Weddings do NOT all start late. Show up on time, be respectful of the ceremony and everyone involved.

5.) Be present, don’t hide behind your phone!

The couple invited you to spend time with you and enjoy your company. Do yourself a favor and put your phone away for the evening, be present and enjoy yourself.