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What is in your pantry??

One of the first things steps towards staying on track with a healthy diet and lifestyle is a pantry makeover.

What the heck is a pantry makeover?

Let’s take a trip to your kitchen, specifically your pantry and fridge, and remove all junk processed foods. Get rid of anything artificial, all trans fats, all fake sweeteners, all nutritionally “empty” foods, and the oh-so-frightening high fructose corn syrups. Let’s put it this way, if you don’t know what an ingredient is, the chances are your body won’t either.

A huge part of resisting naughty food temptations is making them unavailable. If those irresistible Oreos aren’t sitting there on your shelf staring out you, the less likely you are to eat them. Instead, put all of the healthy foods in the front of your display, making them the first thing you see when you open your cabinet for a snack. :)


A few things to remember:

~ Keep all fruits and veggies at eye level in your kitchen ~

~Always have healthy snacks prepped and ready to grab and go~

~Always have lean protein ready to eat: sliced chicken or turkey, hard boiled eggs or a bag of nuts~

~Have a water bottle with you at all times! (Add citrus or berries if you get bored with plain water)~

~Eat several small meals throughout the day~

~Wherever you go, bring snacks with you just in case!!!~

Do You Eat Pomegranates?


Do you eat pomegranates?

If not, you might want to try incorporating this amazing fruit into your diet.¬†They’re filled with many essential nutrients including Vitamins C & K, antioxidants, minerals, potassium and fiber!

Vitamins C & K make this fruit a remarkable immune booster and a natural skin toner. Traditionally, the pomegranate was used in Ayurvedic Medicine for several natural remedies. Some of which included heart health, skin toning, muscle recovery and as a throat soother.

Try adding pomegranate seeds to salads, granola, yogurt or just by themselves as a snack for a crazy nutrient kick and radiant skin. :)