Happy Spring!!

Finally, the weather is warming up and it’s almost time for muddy trail runs and wedding season!!

Remember, with the thought of white dresses and bikini’s in the very near future – every little bit of your diet and exercise routine counts! We can help you create a fitness and nutrition plan and most importantly STICK TO IT.

Lunge with Core Twist

Making small changes will make for an easier transition into this healthy lifestyle. Remember, don’t cut foods out, but rather crowd them out with healthier choices. To avoid the temptation of something that is “off-limits” focus on eating healthier foods first, so you will have room for little to none of whatever you’re trying to avoid.

Green Smoothie

Don’t forget to incorporate some change into your fitness routine as well. Try a balance of some long distance cardio, intervals, resistance training, HIIT circuits and stretching. Healthy lifestyle change can be uncomfortable, but it’s always worth it. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and spring into shape this season!

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2 Comments on Spring into Shape!

  1. Great advice!! I think the best thing a girl can have when it comes to incorporating new lifestyle changes such as these, is an accountability partner. Even better would be a BFF that can join in too and share success stories :)

  2. Great suggestions! I really love how you suggest to make small changes and crowd unhealthy possibilities out with healthy choices. It is much easier to focus on the positive changes we are making than to constantly focus on what we are being “deprived” of! Plus, small changes add up over time to big results.

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