Ready or not, wedding season has arrived!

Photo Cred: Chris Werner Photography
Photo Cred: Chris Werner Photography

We are in full throttle with site visits, tastings, design meetings and planning galore! It is a busy time for brides, bridal parties, families and wedding professionals. In all of the chaos, don’t forget to take care of yourself!!!

It is so easy to get off track – take some time every Sunday and schedule your workouts into your calendar to ensure that you will make time for them. No excuses!

Trail Run

Sunday is also a great day for food shopping, planning and preparing yourself for a nutritious week ahead. Failing to plan your meals and snacks often time results in eating out and “fast” food choices. Dodge these mistakes ahead of time and aim for success.

Let’s go brides – stick to your goals and look fit and phenomenal in your dress. 😉

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