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When you feel good about yourself, everything changes.

Fitness, when paired with great nutrition, is all about properly taking care of your body. The Jim Rohn quote:

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

has always stood out in my mind. Many people neglect their health. They don’t exercise because it takes too much time, it’s uncomfortable, it’s boring, excuse on excuse on excuse. They eat crappy processed foods because they’re convenient, tasty and cheap. However, most people don’t realize that staying sedentary and eating crappy diets has a much larger effect than just making you plump.

This unhealthy lifestyle leads to several life threatening diseases including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension as well as several respiratory diseases.

There is so much to benefit from taking care of yourself. When you incorporate cardio fitness, interval and resistance training with a healthy diet, not only will you start to feel and look great, but you will gain muscle strength, you will have more energy, you will lower your BMI and you will greatly reduce the risk of disease.

If you’re on my site, it’s safe to say that you’re either engaged, a bridesmaid or attending a wedding. For any of these three scenarios it is the PERFECT time to take control of your body. Love and new beginnings are a time of celebration for everyone. Ladies, gather all of your friends and let’s get healthy!!!


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