Let’s get started!

Make a plan & create a schedule – set yourself up for success to achieve your wedding planning as well as your health and fitness goals.

Monday – Make it count!! 

Start your week off right, and get in an hour of your choice of cardio. Go for a run or try a spin class!

Tuesday – Total Body Circuit

Try one of ours HERE!

Wednesday – Wedding Work & Yoga

Set time aside to work on your wedding plans. It’s easy to get caught up in life and distracted. Setting aside an hour or two to work on your wedding plans each week will stop you from procrastinating and lots of work from building up. Afterwards head to a yoga class or practice yoga at home to stretch, relax and refocus for the rest of the week.

Thursday – Are you thirsty? 

Total body circuit, 30 minutes of cardio & hydrate

Friday – Stay focused!

Fit in an hour of your choice of cardio

Saturday – Keep it simple.

Total Body Circuit & 30 minutes of cardio

Sunday – FUNDAY!!! 

Hydrate, let your body rest & prepare yourself for the upcoming week

If you are interested in a personalized “get fit for your wedding” nutrition and/or fitness plan, please contact us here!!

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