Stretching before and after every workout is vital for muscle strength, building and recovery.


SMR  or “Foam Rolling”

Foam rolling is a great technique used to release muscle tension by applying pressure to specific muscle areas. Foam rolling can be performed before and after a workout to break up knots, lengthen and relax different muscles groups.


A few of the many benefits and reasons why all brides should do a little yoga:

Increases stress relief

Body weight toning

Improves sleeping habits

Increases focus and concentration


Reduces Anxiety

Increases body awareness & confidence

Improves joint strength

Increases blood flow – flushing away toxins and giving you energy!

There are many styles of yoga, try a few to figure out what you like. Personally, I love “hot” or Bikram Yoga. It is a series of 26 poses, performed in a 60-90 minute class in a room heated to 105 degrees. I love it because not only do you get all the benefits listed above, but you get a good sweat on!


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