Below are a few items that you didn’t know you needed aside from your standard wedding Emergency/Survival Kit:

1.) Coconut Water & Snacks – my favorite is made by Vita Coco, it is an all natural, super hydrating product that is NEVER from concentrate. It says it right there on the bottle. 😉 Coconut water is filled with natural electrolytes that will give you an extra kick of hydration and energy keeping you sane, calm and having fun on your big day!

2.) Flip Flops, Flats or Toms

(Tom’s has come out with a fun and funky wedding collection – check it out HERE!! – these are great to wear for the full day or just post ceremony to save your feet!)

Toms Wedding Collection

3.) Straws – there are so many options out there that I’m sure you will be able to find some that match your colors or tie into your theme. Check out these awesome birch straws from Anthropologie that would go perfectly with a rustic chic or outdoorsy wedding!

Anthropologie Birch Straws

4.) Lip stain

You will be kissing and drinking all night! Lip stain lasts longer than gloss or lipstick and doesn’t have the extra stickiness! If you’re not sure what kind to get, head on over to Sephora to take a look around.

5.) White Out

To quickly fix any stains or small spills on your dress!

6.) Pins!!!

 Bobby, Safety & Clothes.

7.) Clear Nail Polish

This will save you if you have a small dress tear, if Aunt Gloria has a nylon rip or if you have a nail malfunction!

8.) A “Must Have” Photo List

Although you will meet with your photographer prior to your wedding to discuss style and necessary shots, having a list of group shots that you want is always helpful to have. Also, remember that your photographer doesn’t know your family so assigning a friend or family member to coordinate the troops will save a lot of time and stress for the photographer!

Walker/Ravizza Chris Werner
Photo Cred: Chris Werner

9.) Sand Paper

For the bottom of those slippery shoes! Have you ever watched the episode of Friends where Chandler and Monica get married? Season 7, Episode 25 – watch it.

10.) Batteries – you NEVER know.